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    Desiree Peterkin Bell founded DPBell & Associates, a full-service public relations firm, in 2016 after a long and successful career as a public and political affairs strategist.

    The award-winning brand builder and best-selling author has previously served in multiple local government administrations and national campaigns, including for Mayor Cory Booker, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Michael Nutter, and President Obama's reelection effort. Her work has been recognized by prestigious publications, such as PR Week, Billboard Magazine, and Black Enterprise, among others. At the helm of the Public Affairs firm, Desiree offers her clients access to over twenty years of expertise and networking, as well as a dedication to implementing long-term positive change.

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    Desiree created the company after serving in various positions in multiple levels of government. She believes that this experience helps her and her team to be uniquely positioned to help their clients define strategic solutions to complicated problems. Reflective of Desiree, her company is driven by the purpose of the work in delivering outcomes for clients.

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    2020年11月10日 · Civic Engagement,Politics,Desiree Bell
    Civic engagement describes contributions to the public good regardless of person, background, and political party. No matter which party you choose to affiliate yourself with, being an active participant in today’s society is crucial for everyone. Civic engagement brings out the good in everyone...
    2020年10月29日 · Leadership,Crisis Management,Desiree,Desiree Peterkin Bel
    Successful leaders have to stand the tests of time and challenges. The current global crisis requires leaders around the world to withstand pressure. Emerging as a strong leader during such challenging times requires one to embrace crucial leadership qualities. Here are some of the most notable...
    2020年10月16日 · Peterkin Bell,Desiree Bell,Crisis Management,Management
    No one wants to believe that their place of employment could potentially be privy to an active shooter scenario, but unfortunately, it’s all too common in the United States. With this ever-looming threat, businesses need to be prepared and have certain precautions in place if this happens. ...
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