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    Desiree Peterkin Bell founded DPBell & Associates, a full-service public relations firm, in 2016 after a long and successful career as a public and political affairs strategist.

    The award-winning brand builder and best-selling author has previously served in multiple local government administrations and national campaigns, including for Mayor Cory Booker, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Michael Nutter, and President Obama's reelection effort. Her work has been recognized by prestigious publications, such as PR Week, Billboard Magazine, and Black Enterprise, among others. At the helm of the Public Affairs firm, Desiree offers her clients access to over twenty years of expertise and networking, as well as a dedication to implementing long-term positive change.

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    Desiree created the company after serving in various positions in multiple levels of government. She believes that this experience helps her and her team to be uniquely positioned to help their clients define strategic solutions to complicated problems. Reflective of Desiree, her company is driven by the purpose of the work in delivering outcomes for clients.

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    Getting ahead in life is never easy, especially for members of groups who routinely suffer descrimination. Black women in particular have to fight for the respect they deserve. Through talent, hard work, and determination, countless women of color have found success even if the toughest of...
    White supremacy and racial injustices have become rampant. They have been coherent, especially by the effectiveness of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The most recent and eminent encounter is George Floyd's brutal police attack. It has been a reason for the flourish of...
    In recent years, Black women have opened an incredible number of businesses around the country. With the total number of Black-woman-owned businesses climbing 50% in just five years, it’s fair to say that we’re in the midst of a newsworthy trend. Amid such an explosion of entrepreneurship, Black...
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